Choosing the right construction steel box for every project in Binh Phuoc province


Truong Thinh Phat Co., Ltd distributes: black square steel box, galvanized steel box, Nam Kim box steel, Vietnam Japan joint venture box, etc. The properties of each type of box steel will vary depending on the use. In Binh Phuoc province, the demand for steel box use of many projects here is increasing sharply. To know prices, and to provide the fastest source of supplies, please contact Truong Thinh Phat Company for the fastest support.

Xe cẩu vận chuyển hàng giá rẻ

We always support 24 / 24h to help you find the right type of box steel with the use, rich box specifications. At the same time, the working team will directly survey the project to give the most effective construction plans.

Báo giá thép hộp at our company with information changing constantly. Because of the influence of the overall situation in the country and the foreign market

For the fastest quotation & order, please contact us at the following address:


  • [Transaction Office 1]: National Road 14, Hamlet 7, Tan Thanh Commune, Dong Xoai City, Binh Phuoc Province
  • 0908.646.555 – 0937.959.666
  • Warehouse 1: Highway 14, Hamlet 7, Tan Thanh Commune, Dong Xoai City, Binh Phuoc Province
  • 0908.646.555 – 0937.959.666

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